v-10 Portal

The IBC V-10 PORTAL Website is a secure method of remotely managing IBC boilers in the SL & VFC Series.



  • The Portal allows you and your servicing contractor to remotely monitor your boiler from any location.
  • Contractors will see real time information displayed with the power to change any setting at your fingertips.

Remote Monitoring

  • Contractors can monitor every boiler they have installed that has been registered to the IBC Portal. They can view boiler performance data, make adjustments, receive error message alerts and diagnose issues.
  • When away the home owner can switch between occupied and unoccupied modes to maintain the home at a lower temp or higher temp as required.
  • The home owner can also turn on the pool, spa or snowmelt systems remotely.

Technical Support

  • The portal allows technical staff to verify the settings on a boiler and make any adjustments necessary.
  • IBC Technical support can help guide the installing contractor through the set-up and troubleshooting process if they are not familiar with the boiler control.


  • Your contractor can monitor a boiler remotely by looking at the boilers behaviour so that we can help solve any trouble a contactor may be having at a specific site. This can save time in diagnosing a problem without having to arrange for costly site visits


  • By remotely ‘Checking In’ prior to stepping foot into the mechanical room, a service contractor will be better equipped to eliminate any service disruption.